In Reading Module of IELTS Candidates need to read texts and answer 40 questions (13-14 questions for each paragraph). There are various types of the tasks, which check the ability to read the text and understand it.

Note: General reading module is easier compared to the Academic reading module.

IELTS Reading Tips by Gaffel EduMentors

The following tips will help you find the right approach to this section of the IELTS exam:

  1. Practice Skim (Reading style for a quick overview of the Text) and Scan (reading to find particular information or facts) Reading.
  2. If one can understand the nature of the text before reading it, it will ease the further understanding. Watchful view of the graphs, tables, and any other illustrations often gives a clear idea about the topic of the paragraph.
  3. Remember that there is no extra time to transfer answers. Make sure that you write on the test answer sheet and not on the questionnaire.
  4. If you read the text and answer the questions in a random order, be careful that the answers are in the right place in the table of responses.
  5. If you’re not sure of the correct answer then, try to reread the text and find the right option. Note, that in IELTS Reading you have only an hour and you need to answer 40 questions. If you spend more than a minute on each question, you will hardly have any minute to read the text. Don’t waste too much time on one question.
  6. For Sure, questions like “true/false/not given” are the most difficult types of the tasks, because most of the students get confused with this section. But with lots of practise, one can master the tricks of the trade.
  7. IELTS Reading section contains questions with the sole purpose which is to confuse the candidates Therefore, you should pay attention to the synonyms of keywords.
  8. If the text contains a lot of date, names, events, numbers and big words mark them during the reading, because most of the time, they can carry very important information.
  9. Practice reading different types of material from different sources like magazine, News papers, Blogs and Novels if possible.
  10. Get in the habit of reading to understand in as less time as possible. Try to clock your reading.
  11. Invest time in practise and preparation.

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