How to approach IELTS Writing Task 1 – Expounding Graphs!

  1. You should write at least 3-4 paragraphs and a minimum of 150 words. This is the fundamental requirement.
  2. In the starting paragraph, one needs to rephrase the question statement. One can start the paraphrase using the following feeds:

The table shows/illustrates the trends in …. between …….

The graph shows……

The chart shows how the ….. have changed ……

The graph depicts….  and the changes….

The graph/chart/table/diagram……gives information….about/on

The graph represents…..

The graph provides information about….

3. The second sentence of the introduction should give an overview of the Chart, graph, and diagram in question. By looking at the start and end of the graph one should be able to write an overview.

4. By looking at the chart one can know if one has to illustrate a progress, draw a comparison or both. The choice of the words for each type will be very important. For show a progress one can write ‘there is a marginal increase’ or to compare use ‘they are identical or correlative’.

5. Make good use of synonyms to avoid repetition. E.g. (decrease, comes down, falls) etc.

6. Describe the most common trends in second paragraph, including the most obvious features.

7. Practice the use of linking words to make your writing skills more academic and illustrative. You can use Linkers like:- while, moreover, however, despite, etc.

8. In the third paragraph give some detailed information. You still need to focus on main trends but try to depict the core trends like, for a period of 15 years there was a gradual upward trend till 1999, there after it plummeted quite significantly. Always use data to back your arguments.

9. Avoid going into all the minor facets, as it may sound very boring and way too descriptive. Instead of writing:  ‘there was a continues upward and downward movement from 5% to 7% for a Period of 1year, before it bounced back and then fell again to 3%. Write: ‘It fluctuated between 5%-7% in the year 1999 with a slight improvement afterwards’.

10. Eschew writing a conclusion for IELTS writing task 1. Instead, you should write an “Overview” of the information. An overview could go either at the end or near the beginning. I suggest, it’s a good idea to expound the main features of the graph or chart at the beginning of the report. 

11. Refrain from making spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, using contractions and mixing the use of the following words: Percentage and Percent.

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