How To Get Good IELTS Band Score

IELTS Band Score

To score good IELTS Band Score you first need to improve your English.

ielts band score

Some of the techniques that can be used to improve your IELTS Score:

  • Begin with your preparation early, be regular, and check your progress routinely.
  • Work on your English proficiency regularly.
  • Practice using your English skills in four ways – listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Communicate in English whenever and where ever possible.
  • Work on your vocabulary. This takes time. Try to learn at least 5 new words every day.
  • Make Reading your habit. Read from different fields – management, finance, culture, history, sciences, etc.
  • Watch TV especially news and documentaries on various Topics.
  • Practice discussions with others on Topics such as – hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, day to day life, family, work, dreams, goals and professional ambitions.

Join an IELTS Institute with professional IELTS Faculties.

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Contact us: IELTS Dehradun, one of the best IELTS Coaching in Dehradun. Phone Number: +91-9458377212, +91-9458377214.

Best IELTS Institute in Dehradun

Best IELTS Coaching Institute in Dehradun

IELTS is much in demand in India these days. More than 1 million students take the test every year and this number is only rising. With students aspiring to go abroad for studies, IELTS becomes important for anyone trying to move the needle and making it big. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what IELTS is and which is the best IELTS Institute in Dehradun.

Gaffel EduMentors is the No.1 IELTS Institute of Dehradun and is synonymous with quality IELTS training. Gaffel EduMentors uses the official IELTS preparation material produced by British Council. Trainers of Gaffel EduMentors are also certified by British Council which give them an edge over other IELTS coaching centers in Dehradun. They offer the most comprehensive IELTS training, and their programmes are crafted to give sufficient practice to students in the techniques needed for taking the IELTS test with full confidence. Their focused training gives the candidates a strong base in English, with which they are able to score the highest bands in IELTS. With a success rate of 100%, they are not just professional people, but genuinely concerned too. What I mean is that they give each student personalized attention. They help each student find out their weaknesses and they help them work upon these.

Other advantages of taking coaching from Gaffel EduMentors:

  1. Free 5 day demo class
  2. We have experienced faculties who use different methodologies to prepare the candidates for IELTS.
  3. We provide mock tests which help the students in accessing their level and achieving higher band scores.
  4. We provide our students with a sufficient amount of study materials, so the students can practice at their homes as well.
  5. Apart from the regular IELTS Classes we also Conduct Grammar sessions so that the student can make proper usage of tenses, sentence structures, articles etc.
  6. We provide individual attention, tailored for personalized sessions and tests to our students.
  7. Smaller and flexible batches.
  8. Classrooms are well equipped with Audio & Video aids
  9. Located in the center of the city
  10. Free Study Abroad & Career Counseling is provided to the student.
  11. We believe in giving value for money.

Gaffel EduMentors is known for their high success rate and has many success stories of students cracking the exam in a go with good bands.

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Contact us: IELTS Dehradun, one of the best IELTS Coaching in Dehradun. Phone Number: +91-9458377212, +91-9458377214.


IELTS Courses in Dehradun

IELTS Courses in Dehradun

If you want to study or work abroad than IELTS is the basic requirement for most of the English Speaking countries whether it is United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Europe. If you are from Dehradun and thinking of getting IELTS preparation from one of the most renowned IELTS Institute in Dehradun then we are the most trusted band when it comes to IELTS preparation.

The courses have been designed according to the needs of candidates. We know it is important to focus on each candidate so the batch sizes are smaller and we are flexible with the timings.

Below is the batch schedule of various IELTS Courses in Dehradun.


Batch Schedule for IELTS Regular (Unlimited Free mock tests)
Batch Code Duration Fee (Rs.)
GEM01 1 Month (2 Hours a day) 7,500
GEM02 2 Month (2 Hours a day) 11,400
GEM03 3 Month (2 Hours a day) 14,400
GEM04 4 Month (2 Hours a day) 18,000
IELTS Combo (Unlimited Free mock tests)
Course Duration Fee (Rs.)
2 Months IELTS + ESL 3.5 Hours a day for 2 Months 12,700
3 Months IELTS Combo 3.5 Hours a day for 2 Months 16,400
4 Months IELTS Combo 3.5 Hours a day for 2 Months 19,700
Other courses on demand
Course Duration Fee (Rs.)
IELTS Intensive (Crash Course) 3 Hours a day for 3 Weeks 10,000
IELTS Mock Test with Review 4 Hours 1,500
Visa Interview Practice 2 Hours one to one 10,000
Study Abroad service for partner College / University in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
Application fees and courier charges not included.)
Contact office
Study Abroad service for Top Ranking University. SOP, LOR included. Contact office


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